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By J. Carlton Collins

Simply Accounting Product Tour

My objective is to walk you through a review of Simply Accounting so that you can obtain a feel for the product. In this product tour, I will review and discuss some of my favorite features and functionality within Simply Accounting. Nothing beats a live demonstration tailored to your specific needs, however in the early stages of evaluation, this brief executive overview can be very enlightening. I hope you enjoy this product tour.  

To Do Lists

The small business applications do a great job of helping a small business owner manage his daily tasks. Simply Accounting has a nice feature that lets you add date stamped memos to master records (customers, vendors, employees, and items).  These memos then appear as tasks on a to-do list for follow up.

In addition to the memo items associated with customers, vendors, etc, the to-do list also keeps tracks of transactions that are past due or require some action.

Customizable Checklists

You can also create customized checklists defining recurring tasks.

Individual items can be set up in order and then can be moved around as priorities change.

Multi-currency Capabilities

Thanks to its Canadian origins, Simply Accounting is one of the few products for the small business that has built in multi-currency features.   Shown below  is the Accounts Receivable chart of accounts showing both US and Canadian dollars.  

Here is a partial list of some of the currencies supported in Simply Accounting:

Basic Customization Capabilities

A company can choose to remove certain pieces of information from the transaction entry screens in Simply Accounting - there is however, no ability to add additional information or to add user-defined fields.

Inventory Item Assembly

Inventory Item components can be assembled to create new items.  


Transaction reports are readily available, with access to transactions via drill-downs.

Through its interface with Crystal reports, existing reports in Simply Accounting can be modified.


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