A Review of

MAS 90
By J. Carlton Collins

Selected Screen Shots for MAS 90:  

When it comes to evaluating accounting software, sometimes I like to start with a quick look at some representative screens. Unfortunately, too often a quick glimpse of these screens usually means that you have to get a reseller involved, they give you the third degree, they eat hours of your time, and eventually you are able to get that sneak peak you have been waiting for. By then, you are beat down and weary by the process. Maybe you know what I am talking about. To help you out, I've provided some representative screens below. Enjoy.  

Main Menu


Financial Statement Print Options


Financial Statement Printed to the Screen


General Ledger Set Up Screen


Tutorial Screen Explaining General Ledger Set Up


MAS 90 Manuals Online


Customer Set Up Screen



Invoice Data Entry Screen


Inventory Item Set Up Screen


Sales order Entry Screen


Sample Picking Ticket


Bank Reconciliation Screen


Customizer Screen (Allows you to select the screens to be customized)



Customizer Tool Bar and A Selected MAS 90 Screen Being Customized


Optional Pull Down Menus


System Preferences Screen


Master Console (Provides Information about who is logged in and using the system)

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