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The Top 40 Accounting
Software Products

This listing is alphabetical by category and was last updated on June 6, 2003
By J. Carlton Collins

For more than ten years I've maintained a listing of the top accounting software packages by category. The paragraphs below explain the basis for inclusion in this list. I hope that you find this listing useful.

p Ten
Low-End Accounting Software Market
(Companies with Up to $5 Million in Revenue)  
(Listed in Alphabetical Order)

1.  BusinessVision 32 (Softline)

2.  BusinessWorks (Best Software) 

3.  Small Business Manager (Microsoft / Great Plains)

4.  M.Y.O.B (M.Y.O.B. Software)
5.    Oracle Small Business Suite (formerly Netledger)
6.    Peachtree Complete Accounting 2004 (Best Software)
7.  QuickBooks for the Web (Intuit)
8.  QuickBooks Pro 2002 (Intuit)

9.    Simply Accounting (ACCPAC International)

10. Vision Point 2000 (ACCPAC)


p Ten Middle-Market Accounting Software Market (Companies with $2 Million to $50 Million in Revenue)
(Listed in Alphabetical Order)

1.   ACCPAC Advantage Series Corporate Edition (ACCPAC International)

2.   ACCPAC ProSeries (ACCPAC International)

3. Accountmate (Softline)
4. BusinessVision 32 (Softline)

5.  SYSPRO (SysproUSA)

6.  MAS 90 & MAS 200 (Best Software)

7.  Navision (Microsoft)

8.  Solomon (Microsoft)

9.  SouthWare Excellence Series (SouthWare)

10. TRAVERSE (Open Systems)

p Ten in the Beginning ERP Market  
(Companies with $25 Million to $500 Million in Revenue)  
(Listed in Alphabetical Order)

1.       ACCPAC Advantage Series Enterprise Edition (ACCPAC International)

2.       ACCPAC ProSeries (ACCPAC International)

3.       Axapta  (Microsoft Software)

4.   Epicor ( Epicor Software)

5.      e-Business Suite (Oracle) 

6.      Great Plains (Microsoft)

7.      SYSPRO (SysproUSA)

8.      MAS 500 (Best Software)

9.      Navision (Microsoft)

10.   Solomon (Microsoft)

p Ten in the Tier 1 Market  

(Companies with revenue Ranging from $250 Million and Up)
(Listed in Alphabetical Order)

1.      ACCPAC Executive Series (ACCPAC)

2.       Axapta  (Microsoft)

3.   Epicor (Epicor )
4.      MAS 500 (Best Software)

5.      Great Plains (Microsoft)

6.      Lawson Enterprise 400 (Lawson Software)

7.      One World (J. D. Edwards)

8.      Oracle Financials (Oracle)

9.      PeopleSoft (PeopleSoft)

10.   SAP R/3 (SAP)


There are thousands of accounting software packages in the marketplace today. Each one of these packages offers unique features and capabilities that are to be commended, admired, and sometimes applauded. However, upon close inspection, it is easy to see that most of them suffer from obvious problems such as older technology, proprietary technology, lack of support, lack of an adequate size customer base, lack of a distribution channel, poor performance on a local area network, bugs, missing modules, missing key features, lack of capital, etc. We strive to weed out the lesser players and concentrate our web site on the better-known, widely-deployed, well-proven solutions.

In our opinion, there are only a  handful of accounting software solutions available today that offer a proven and complete solution for this market. These products all share the following attributes:

  • The product must have good, clean, stable code

  • The product must have good underlying technology

  • The product must have a good company & leadership behind the product 

  • The product must have strong financial reporting capabilities

  • The product must have a sizable customer base

  • The product must have strong customization capabilities

  • The product must have a well-developed and knowledgeable VAR channel

  • The product must have a wide breadth of modules

  • The product must have  a well-developed offering of third party add-on products

  • There should be a minimal number of missing features

  • There should be no significant problems (such as missing modules, etc)

To help you evaluate your accounting system options, you are advised to read the following  articles at a minimum:

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2. 25 Step Blueprint for Evaluating and Selecting Mid-Range to High-End Accounting Software
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6. A Discussion About Evaluating Accounting Software

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