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There are many Church Management products on the market today, most of them range from "pretty bad" to "really bad" products. I believe that the primary problem that has led to such a poor offering of solutions for the church industry is that many churches are unwilling to pay a market rate for a top Church management product while many other churches expect the software to be given to them for free. By comparison, businesses spend tens of thousands of dollars (if not hundreds of thousands of dollars) on accounting software solutions while churches seem to think that a price tag more than a few hundred dollars is highway robbery. While there are exceptions, some publishers of church management software have indicated that their customer base can be a rather stingy bunch. Nonetheless, if you are in the market for a Church Management Software solution - here are some of the popular products on the market:

Church Bookkeeping Systems


Welcome to

ChurchSoftWare - Management Tracking Systems

ChurchWare - Financial System

Church Management software


Church Software Home Page

Faithful Steward

Disciple Software

Ministry Ware


PowerChurch Software

Revelations logo


Servant PC Resources - Phone Tree, Servant Keeper, Worship Pro


Shelby Systems, Inc.

Shelby Systems

Shepherd's Staff

Shepherd's Staff

Software Sharing Ministries

Specialty Software Products

Summit Systems

Summit Systems - Church Partner, School Partner, Accounting Partner, Mail List Partner






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