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Bar Coding Software Solutions

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Bar Coding Solutions:

  • AaronGraphics - offers barcode printing and software for UPC and ISBN labels. Also sells inkjet supplies.

  • ABC Tech - manufactures software that enables bar code labels to be printed in both English and non-English text for easier international distribution, saving time and money.

  • Adrenaline by Kofax

  • Advanced EDI & Barcoding Corporation - specializes in EDI, inventory management, and barcoding software, as well as roll tracking software for the paper industry.

  • AdvanceMeants, Inc. - distributor of barcode fonts for systems including MICR, POSTNET, FIM, OCR, and Royal Mail. |

  • Agamik - barcoding software for the printing, reprographics and publishing industries.

  • Alliance Barcode Labels - manufactures durable barcode labels. Also provides barcode software and solutions.

  • AllMyPapers - providing bar code and MICR software to find and read data from scanned images.

  • AppForge

  • Architext Inc - developer of fonts, bar codes/MICRs and digitization services for laser printers.

  • ASASP Systems - features equipment tracking, tool inventory, barcoding software, portable terminals, printers, and more.

  • ASP-XBarCode

  • Austech Development Inc. - provides turnkey bar code systems for inventory control, warehouse management, asset tracking, tool tracking and other bar code systems.

  • Automation Associates, Inc. - automated data collection software for the transportation, distribution & manufacturing industries, including warehouse management systems. Bar code scanning equipment & bar code printers.

  • Azalea Bar Code Software - barcode software that creates Code 128, UPC, Code 39, PDF417, and other types of bar codes. Sells barcode software for Windows, the Macintosh, and other platforms.

  • B-Coder

  • B & B Software, Inc. - provides cash and carry scanning solutions.


  • Bar Code ActiveX-

  • Bar Code and Label Software - offers labeling software for bar code (UPC, ISBN, Barcode 39, 128, EAN 13) and industry labels (mailing, shipping, address).

  • Bar Code Discount Warehouse, Inc

  • Bar Code DLLs

  • Bar Code Solutions, Inc.

  • Bar Code by Atlanta Based Systems, Inc.

  • Barcode ActiveX Control & DLL

  • BarCode Applications Inc

  • Barcode Fonts-

  • Barcode Generator - provides a barcode generation tool for UNIX systems.

  • Barcode Label Printing Software - specializes in bar code generator software for ISSN, Code 3 of 9, Industrial 2 of 5, Codabar, and more. Works with any printer.

  • Barcode Library

  • Barcode Outfitters - offering hardware, printing software, and portable data collectors for inventory.

  • Barcode Partners LLC - creator of integrated solutions for Syspro's Impact Encore ERP software.

  • Barcode Pricemarking - sells bar code printing supplies, printers, and software for price marking labels.

  • Barcode Pro

  • Barcode Software Center, The - offers a variety of software and accessories for printing barcodes.

  • Barcode Toolbox - allows bar code creation within Adobe Illustrator package designs.

  • Bars & Stripes-

  • BarScan - a bar code asset management software system designed to meet a company's enterprise wide information needs.

  • BarTender

  • BC-Wedge

  • BD Microprocessor Systems - provides a suite of bar code labeling programs which lets you create labels that print like they look onscreen.

  • Capella Technologies - PCL software and hardware printing solutions. Supports MICR check printing, forms, barcodes, labels, logos, or any type of printing requiring data insertion.

  • Captra-

  • Catalunya Disseny - software developer and dealer company for MacOS (Macintosh) working for design and production solutions for the textile industry. Bar Code generator software.

  • CGI Webcode - CGI which allows for dynamic barcode generation on Web pages. Supports interleaved 2 of 5, UPC-A, 128, EAN-13, Codabar, UPC-E, 39, and EAN-8.

  • Codabar Fonts

  • Code 128 Fonts

  • Code 39 Fonts


  • Complete Barcode Font Pkg

  • Current Directions, Inc - bar code equipment, data collection solutions, and systems integration.

  • Data Index, Inc - film masters and labels for barcode symbols. software, and hardware for barcoding, UPC and ISBN. resource for self publishers, software developers and related folks.

  • Data Matrix Fonts-

  • Data Tracking Systems - bar code distributor and offers WinWhere, a Windows based warehouse management system.

  • DataMAX Software Group - offers RFgen, a rapid software application development tool that allows for the quick design, test, and deployment of wireless bar code data collection applications.

  • DataToolz - delivers a complete set of financial, warehouse, and manufacturing management solutions to small and mid-sized enterprises in the distribution and manufacturing industries.

  • DATHO - C Source (DOS, UNIX, OS/2), DOS-Batch, DLL's, label printing software, barcode for MS Access.

  • DEN - makers of ATICTS.

  • Dernier Limited - offers bar code media, specialising in pre-printed barcode labels and tags, as well as blank material for on site printing using thermal transfer technology.

  • diaSYNC-

  • dmt - tworzenie oprogramowania do systemów automatycznej identyfikacji oraz kompleksowy konsulting.

  • Document Management Software Systems - offers document scanners and bar code management software.

  • DSXTech Barcode Components - offers ActiveX, Win32 DLL, and JavaBean components for barcode applications.

  • E-Barz

  • Easy Assets

  • EDP System Services, Inc. (ESSI) - programs assist with document tracking, asset tracking, inventory, and toolroom applications.

  • Electronic Imaging Materials, Inc - providing barcode labels and bar code solutions.

  • Epic Data International Inc. - develops and implements Automated Data Collection (ADC) solutions for manufacturing organizations that use Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) system technology in their operations.

  • ESS Inc. - bar-coded data capture and management systems. We develop custom barcode applications, tools and methods

  • Eversio Technologies, Inc. - custom software and brand named data collection hardware and supplies.

  • EWasp

  • EZ Font Pkg for Win

  • FileMaker Mobile

  • FileMaker Pro

  • Flexible Information Systems, Inc. - developer of LabelVision, a bar code design and printing software package for Windows.

  • GCA Barcode Labels - preformatted barcode label software, printers, label supplies.

  • Image Scan - offers printed bar code labels.

  • IMSC Ltd - provides software and hardware solutions for barcoding.

  • Industrial 2 of 5 Fonts

  • Integrated Barcoding Systems - specializing in barcoding hardware and software.

  • Intellitrack-

  • Interleaved 2 of 5 Fonts

  • Intermec Technologies Corporation - provides supply chain information products, services, and systems.

  • Inventory Manager

  • Kanecal - offers a variety of barcode, GD and T, SPC, and drafting symbol fonts. Also offers code scanners.

  • Label Designer

  • Label Matrix

  • Label Solutions - develops and markets novel products for tracking and recovering property.


  • LabelVision 20/20

  • Lady Lynn Development, Inc. - bar code software.

  • Lane Systems Analysts - provides barcode & RF based solutions for warehouse automation, pos, document imaging systems, litigation support applications, and field order entry automation packages.

  • List & Label

  • Lockwood Technology - offers asset tracking and physical inventory using RFID technology and barcode technology software solutions.

  • Loftware - industrial barcode label design and printing software for Windows, integration tools for PC, and legacy host systems.

  • Loftware -

  • Mac-Barcode Company - provides bar code and inventory control solutions for the Macintosh, MacOS, and the Newton Platform.


  • MBC3

  • mEnable

  • Merlin Application Developer for Pocket PC

  • Mitigo - software that decodes barcodes and other visual symbols in mobile handsets and PDAs that have integrated digital cameras.

  • MJM Data Capture Limited - providing electronic data capture solutions using barcodes.

  • New Year Tech, Inc. - provider to businesses and individuals in need of bar code, radio frequency, and other automatic identification systems.

  • NiceLabel-

  • Nutech Systems - offers AS/400 barcode software for data collection.

  • Omniplanar, Inc. - develops technology for barcodes and virtual reality head tracking.

  • Par Code - maker of bar code labels for use in warehouse, inventory control,and asset management applications.

  • Paragon Data Systems - supplier of automated data collection (ADC) systems, including software, computers, terminals, laser scanners, thermal printers, and bar code labels and ribbons.

  • PDF417 Fonts

  • Peak Technologies - intergrator of bar code technologies and service.

  • Peak Technologies, Inc.

  • Pendragon Forms

  • Pocket LABELVIEW

  • Point Technologies, Inc. - developer of database software for tool room management. Uses bar code for speedy check-out and check-in tracking. Increases accountability, reduces lost tools, saves labor and equipment cost.

  • POSTNET Barcode Fonts

  • Product Load Services - provides custom UPC (Universal Product Code) file loads for POS (Point of Sale) systems.

  • Production Services & System, Inc. - offers barcode printing equipment and label making software for inventory control, time and attendance, and shop floor data collection.

  • Progressive Microtechnology - offers a variety of bar code printers, scanners, readers, software, and more.

  • QuanTech, Inc. - produces bar code quality verification software and provides evaluation data and confidential testing services.

  • QuickDraw-

  • RACO Industries - reseller of bar code printers, readers, scanners, CCD's, slot readers, PDA's, POS equipment, software, supplies, and accessories.

  • RioScan -

  • Rivers Edge - barcode font software in Truetype & Postscript formats and bar code readers including wand, CCD, & laser scanners for Windows & Mac users.

  • Satellite Forms-

  • Sayre Company, The - specializes in marking and identification systems including, bar coding, signage, shipping and packaging supplies and more.

  • Scanco - handheld computer and PDA software for bar codes. Integrates to PC accounting packages such as Mas 90, Macola, and Solomon (batch and RF).

  • Seagull Scientific Systems - label software and bar code products, including Bar Tender for Windows and Seagull's Windows drivers for bar code printers. Site contains downloadable software.

  • SmartScan Xpress Barcode

  • Sneller Systems Inc. - specializing in data collection via bar code scanners for asset tracking and inventory control systems.

  • SNX - bar code software and hardware for PC and Macintosh.

  • Software Integration Services Ltd - developer of bar code tracking systems and supplier of bar code hardware and supplies.

  • SoftwareWedge

  • StrandWare - software for barcode label/form design and printing, barcode programmer's library and item tracking for anything from documents to tools.

  • Strandware-

  • Symbolnology Labs - publishers of software for high definition barcode generation.

  • Symbology, Inc - providing bar code quality assurance solutions to the product manufacturers, package designers, graphics houses, plate makers and printers.

  • Tacit Solutions - total solution and high service software developer and systems integrator specializing in bar code and wireless terminal data collection systems for industry.

  • Tal Bar Code ActiveX

  • TAL Technologies

  • Tattoo ID

  • TEC-IT - offers custom bar code and data acquisition software.

  • Tiger Bar Code Systems - systems integrator of bar code, thermal transfer label printing and automatic label application systems.

  • TrueType Fonts Package-

  • Unibar - a variety of barcode software products for UNIX, NT and DOS platforms. We support most thermal and laser printers, and have stand alone and integrated software solutions.


  • Vertére - barcoded inventory management systems.

  • Visual CE

  • Wasp

  • Wedgeware Pro

  • Weyfringe Labelling Systems - manufacturers and distributors of label and barcode printing and application systems.

  • Wireless Network Solutions - provides software and equipment for bar code scanners, data collection terminals, palm pilots, printers, and wireless networks.

  • Worth Data - manufacturer of barcode readers, labeling software and printers, CCD's, laser scanners and portable data collection terminals.

  • WWWebTek, Inc. - specializes in the implementation of intermediate and shipping case level bar code labeling that is compliant with the latest HIBCC and NWDA guidelines.

  • XBarCode


  • BoxWare - windows-based folding carton design software for the diemaking and diecutting industry.

  • Cape Systems, Inc. - pallet loading and packaging design software.

  • DGControl - dangerous goods/hazmat processing software.

  • Dimensional Impressions - develops Score!, a family of CAD\CAM software and ERP integration tools for the packaging, display, and diemaking industries.

  • Genline Systems, Inc. - provides IPDS CAD/CAM software, plotters/sample makers, and lasers for the packaging and die making industries. Also offering BOA software, link to HRMS, rule benders, consultation and training.

  • Loftware, Inc. - industrial barcode label design and printing software for Windows, integration tools for PC, and legacy host systems.

  • PKG. Package Design Software

  • Radio Beacon - A process for operating pick, pack and ship warehouses with radio frequency handhelds, bar coding and a complete software package that allows for paperless warehouse management.

  • Radius Solutions - global software company focused on the development, implementation, and support of the PECAS Vision MIS system for the printing and packaging industries.

  • Scoope - software for cost follow-up and optimization of production and efficiency.

  • StarTek, Inc.

  • Systech - develops software that integrates machine vision, bar coding, data collection, control, and application management for packaging operations.

  • TOPS Engineering Corporation - software for package design, pallet pattern, compression analysis, truck and container load optimization, and mixed cargo loading.




  • Abol Software, Inc. - offers shipping software for LTL and parcel carriers.

  • Accuship - online logistics information management system that integrates shipping, tracking, accounting, and reporting capabilities.

  • Acrobase Computing, Inc. - offers warehouse and cargo management turn-key software.

  • Active Server Pages Shipping Calculator - provides an ASP script based real-time shipping calculator that returns rates from any combination of UPS, USPS, DHL, and FedEx.

  • All Star Systems - providing warehouse automation.

  • Analysis, Inc. - provides distribution, transportation, and inventory software and consulting services.

  • Aristo Computers, Inc. - offers shipping and receiving software as well as portable memory diagnostic tools.

  • ARK Systems Waybill Tracking - offers tracking systems for freight forwarders and trucking companies.

  • Audax - software systems to improve global freight forwarding, third party logistics, and supply chain management.

  • August Design, Inc. - makers of Visual Load, for straight or mixed cargo shipments.

  • Aviarc - offering web-enabled trade document management solutions for integrating imaging to facilitate paperless international logistics and electronic archiving.

  • Boss Software, Inc - business order entry shipping system.

  • - freight forwarding software solutions.

  • Centillion Information Systems - offering Cargo 2000, an international freight forwarding management system.

  • Ciber - specializes in manufacturing, distribution, warehousing, and logistics software implementations. Developer of Logistics Pro.

  • Computer Solutions - focuses on logistics and factory automation for port, transportation, and manufacturing industry.

  • Computerized Shipping Systems - Mark Taylor is the author of 'Computerized Shipping Systems: Increasing Profit and Productivity Through Technology.'

  • courierSoft - a web-based software package tailored for the international courier and logistics industry.

  • Data Freight Limited - international freight forwarding software.

  • Data Trak Technologies, Inc. - integrators of multi-carrier manifest software.

  • Dex Tec Design - making Visual Freight Service, modular, vertical software for automating the freight forwarding industry. Designed to integrate with recognized accounting systems.

  • Dimasys, Inc. - offers distribution software for warehouse management, inventory control, supply chain management, and more.

  • DistribuTech, Inc. - offers software dedicated to the shipping automation industry.

  • Distribution Solutions - specializes in warehouse systems integration.

  • Dockside Software, Inc - offers software for tracking general and project cargo, break bulk, and containers for ports, stevedores, and marine terminals.

  • DocuEx Korea - makers of export documentation software.

  • DynaSoft Systems - developers of turnkey software solutions for customs brokers, importers, exporters, freight forwarders, customs consultants, and distributors.

  • EBTech Incorporated - offers TLMAXCAP load optimization software for product management, bills of lading, pallet weight distribution, trailer loading diagrams, and more.

  • eXdocs - shipment request system for freight forwarders featuring online generation of export documents.

  • EXits Inc. - software for automating the generation of export documents for international trade and transportation.

  • Express Associates - sells dispatching and order entry software for couriers. Also offers package and message delivery services.

  • F.C. Rock Shipping Manifest Systems - shipping systems for customers of USPS, UPS, RPS and other parcel carriers.

  • FDS International - supplier of computer solutions to the freight industry

  • Fountainhead International - makers of CargoWise software for air and ocean forwarders. Modules include domestic and international airfreight, ocean freight, internet tracking, warehouse, and trade show management.

  • Freight+ Shipping Manifest Systems

  • Freightdata 2000 - offers 32-bit Windows software for air, sea, and road freight forwarding.

  • FreightWare Technologies Inc - provider of freight rating and management software.

  • Global Trade Partner - offers export documentation and intrastat software solutions, integrated to business systems.

  • Harvey Software, Inc. - provides logistics software solutions to automate parcel tracking and shipping.

  • InfoSoft - offers Express Pro software for the courier, delivery, trucking industry.

  • Interchain BV - software to manage transportation, distribution, expedition, and forwarding.

  • InterMart - offering Shipping Solutions, software to aid in filling out international shipping documentation.

  • IPACS Asia - providing IT solutions to freight forwarding, air cargo, warehousing, container yard, transportation, distribution and EDI services.

  • Jakware Incorporated - distribution and fleet management software.

  • Kewill Systems - develops shipping and order management, enterprise resource planning, manufacturing and job shop management, and supply chain control software.

  • LaBerg - offers consulting, analysis, and design for freight and transport logistics management software solutions.

  • LADS Network Solutions, Inc. - software and services for courier, delivery, and transportation industries.

  • Mailing Solutions - offering mailing and shipping software and accessories.

  • Metra Corporation - developer of customizable applications for exporters. Also provides freight forwarding services.

  • MOS International, Inc. - offering Mail Center Manager, a shipping and automation software.

  • Moving Program - creates online moving estimates with immediate quotes for internet or intranet environments.

  • Netflow Inc. - offers relocation management and billing software to the moving industry.

  • P.M. Belz Group - offering application system for dispatch, logistics, export and import, and freight management.

  • Pfastship Worldwide Logistics - develops, markets, and supports integrated shipping software.

  • Pitney Bowes Mail Center Solutions - automated, integrated software systems for mailing, shipping, and receiving processes.

  • Pitney Bowes Software Systems - PBSS provides products and services that improve your ability to communicate with your customers.

  • Postmaster Software, Inc. - postal software automation for laser forms including certified mail, customs declarations, and return receipt for merchandise.

  • Precision Software Limited - developers of client/server shipping systems, and more for the import/export industry.

  • Redberry Software - products for international freight forwarders that cut all necessary documents for international air and sea freight agents.

  • RGIDATA - specialists in the development, linkage, and maintenance of geographic business data for the shipping and transportation industries.

  • Rydex Industries - supplies fast data communications for ships.

  • ShipNet - provide software for ship owners, managers, charterers, chartering and sale and purchase brokers.

  • Smarter Software, Inc. - developers of USPS CASS certified address correction software.

  • Software for Moving - software solutions for moving and warehousing.

  • Summit Business Systems - provides multi-carrier shipping and warehousing software and systems integration.

  • TanData Corporation - Transportation and logistics related software including domestic and international shipments, with carrier and export documentation.

  • Tariffic - database program on CD-ROM that provides detailed customs duty rates.

  • Thru Transport Systems International Limited

  • TracerWeb - site devoted to solutions for package process and shipping automation; brought to you by the makers of the Clippership software system.

  • TradePoint Systems LLC - software for the trade and transportation industries.

  • Transtec Software Corp. - specializing in export documentation software.

  • Tranzact Systems, Ltd. - an integrated logistics resource company offering freight audit and payment processing, consulting and management services, and software.

  • Trax Technologies, Inc. - combination of service and technology, provides state-of-the-art freight payment solutions for today's transportation industry.

  • Truck Loading Software - creates a loading layout for cargo in trucks or containers.

  • Universal Logistics Management, Inc. - transportation management firm offers consulting services, freight management, and software for export and domestic shipping.

  • UPSS Systems - universal parcel shipping software.

  • V-Technologies - specializing in shipping automation software.

  • Varsity Logistics - parcel and LTL logistic software company.

  • ZipFind - calculate distance between two codes, all codes within a radius, and population figures within a zip code.


Manufacturing & Processing:

  • Bacon Software - industry specific business management software solutions for meat packers/processors and printed circuit manufacturers.

  • Citrus Pro - client/server software designed for the citrus industry.

  • Datapax - The Datapax system is designed to computerize the management of bakeries and food processors using our bakery management software.

  • East West Technical Services - touch screen software for direct record keeping of HACCP, SSOP and quality control.

  • IDEA Systems - specializing in computer systems for the wholesale perishable food industry. Turn key computer systems control all phases of the meat or seafood processing industry.

  • Marlin Corporation - dealing in custom plastic products, software for the food industry, and Harley-Davidson motorcycle parts.

  • Net Yield - weight-based inventory control and business operation systems software for seafood processors, distributors, traders.

  • Norback, Ley & Associates LLC - PC software and services for the food industry. HACCP, food safety, thermal process calculations, food quality or FDA Form 2541a.

  • Numeric Computer Systems (NCS) - supplier of application software for the Fast Moving Consumer Goods (FMCG) industry.

  • Prime ProData, Inc - software for meat and food processing companies.

  • QSA Limited - offers software solutions for the food industry, for HACCP, product specifications and audit information. Consultancy and training are also supplied as complete turnkey solutions.

  • Safetyware - food safety management software for use by food producers, processors and distributors world-wide.

  • TwinPeaks Software - offers bakery management software, handheld computers, scanning solutions to speed up data entry tasks, and more.

  • Unternehmensberatung Weihenstephan GmbH - software for the brewing, dairy, spirits and the beverage industry.



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